Vintage ARC'TERYX 1st Gen Leaf Combat Windbreaker Jacket - Men's XL

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- Mens Size XL - P2P is 27 Inches. 29 Inches Length.

- Vintage ARC'TERYX Goretex Leaf Combat Windbreaker Jacket in grey.

This is an arc'teryx combat jacket produced in 2006. When the bird started their LEAF product line around 2002, most of
their offering consisted of existing outdoor products
with some adjustments for military usage.
This version of the combat jacket is especially
interesting because it is one of the first models they
designed especially for the LEAF programme. It was
preceded by a very short lived model called the
"sierra jacket" of which i have never even seen a
picture outside of the arc'teryx product page back in
2005. Both the sierra and combat were heavily
inspired by what the Gamma LT model looked like at
the time - a lightweight uninsulated softshell made
of Tweave Durastretch 520 fabric. The sierra was
patterned a bit differently and retained the Gamma
LT's laminated zippers, whereas the combat opted
for stitched in zippers.
The combat jacket was revised a number of times
after this particular model, most notably by the
addition of pit zips, loop fields on the sleeves, and
eventually adopted a new pattern it shared with a
contemporary version of, again, the Gamma LT. It's
easy to see why as this initial version has some
shortcomings, like rather small sleeve pockets and a
hem drawcord that isn't routed into the interior
This one is particulary interesting because of it's
color. A greenish-grey hue called "Clay" that was
available in the regular outdoor line as well, but
turned out to be very close to the "alpha green"
color the US Military was getting a lot of stuff in from
companies like P atagonia. As far as i'm aware it was
only produced in this color scheme in 2006 and i've
never seen a picture of it in use in a military setting,
It's a pretty interesting piece of Arc'terx history,
the bombproof Durastretch fabric and excellent
patterning make it a very relevant outdoor jacket
even today, and because of the lack of velcro and it's
neutral color it doesn't give off any excess military

This is one of the rarest ARC’TERYX pieces you can find. As of January 2023, LEAF products will no longer be available to general public!

- Excellent Condition

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